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About us

K&M Mining LLC is proud to be a homegrown, Wyoming company. Established in 2013, K&M Mining LLC is headquartered in Gillette, Wyoming with rock quarries located around the Douglas area.

K&M Mining LLC specializes in processing and crushing of limestone and river rock for any project, large or small.

New construction, road base and oilfield locations are just the start! We have several different sizes of material available in both limestone and river rock, and our knowledgeable staff will help you determine the best aggregate for your project. In addition, if our current inventory does not meet your needs, we will custom crush our rock for your project. Our large selection allows K&M Mining LLC to better serve our clients, and to provide a quality grade aggregate at a competitive price. K&M Mining LLC also has an extensive network of contractors in place to help cover the larger jobs in our service areas. K&M Mining LLC is a safety-oriented company where safety is our commitment and our top priority. Our quarries meet all regulations with MSHA and DEQ protocols.

Our Services

This commitment to safety is also reflected in the way we design and execute new construction. Whether your right-of-way passes through an open plain, a sensitive water body, or a dense urban area, we have the means to safely and efficiently plan for construction, in a way that minimizes the disturbances on the surrounding areas both now and for decades into the future.

Oil & Gas Services

KM Energy is proud to have supported the oil & gas industries for over 30 years with remarkable construction services that span every need of a construction project from conception to completion. KM Energy's reputation for excellence and leadership in the oil and gas industry has resulted in hundreds of miles of construction throughout Wyoming. We believe in doing everything right the first time, and this commitment shows in everything we accomplish.

Construction Services

K&M Mining has a solid foundation in providing the best civil construction services tailored to meet each customer’s unique mission requirements. With a long history of successful construction projects throughout Wyoming our company is adept at performing in a wide range of environmental conditions and safely executing all work in strict compliance with unique projects.

Aggregate Mining

K&M Mining is proud to own and operate our mines and quarries for the benefit of our construction projects as well as those of other construction companies throughout the tri-state area who need high-quality aggregate. Scoria, limestone aggregate, and gravel are among some of the most-consumed raw materials in construction projects ranging from highways to wind farms and from interstate pipelines to local facilities. Our mines produce all three to our customer’s exact specifications in the quantities needed to ensure all projects are finished on time and on budget. Operating our own mines means tailoring our aggregate production process to precisely meet our needs as well as our customer’s needs. Regardless of the scope of your project, we can ensure raw materials are always available at any location throughout Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana. Cutting out the middleman and reducing the number of contracts needed for the project meets a streamlined process and quality-control through every step.


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